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Peat. The perfect soil.

Full of natural organic matter and excellent at maintaining moisture, peat has always been sought after by gardeners, however this comes at a price. Peat is sourced from naturally occurring areas called 'wetlands' which can take thousands of years to form and once harvested a similar time to recover.

At GKD we look at everything we do to see how we can reduce our impact on the world.  Currently we use 20% peat free substances, made up of coir fibre and tree bark and are working towards being 100% peat free in our growing medium.  However we have to do this in small steps, because as everyone knows, the quality of soil a plant is grown in and how much the moisture the soil can hold has a major impact on the growth rate of the plant. By changing it slowly, we’re able to learn and understand the changes and ensure a successful and quality product.

We will get there we promise.

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